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RC410-M Motherboard

This is an overview of the RC410-M Motherboard Rev: 1.1
Mario Milani : I installed 2x2GB RAM sticks however only 3 GB are recognized. The CPU installed is 64-bit. I read somewhere that it is possible to use an E6600 after downloading a new version of BIOS.
Angelita Cruz : do you have a copy of STD-8110.ROM for this board thanks
Oscar José Freites Sarasti : ¡I have one like that! "rc410-m rev: 1.1", i need your help.. where i can find the original drivers?
भूली बिसरी यादें : Price
Geovanny Flores : bios please

RC410-M REV:1.01 Little washing

AminLow : Ta pas y u peurs que sa explose?

*Test* ECS RC410-M rev.1.03 LGA775 Intel

Product on sale at: (Producto en Venta).
El Salvador, San Salvador. CA.




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